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Why Use LED Floodlights?
- Sep 16, 2017 -

In the old days, people didn’t have the option of choosing between regular light bulbs and LED ones, nevermind LED floodlights. Back then, people were more concerned about how to keep the wax from their candles from hitting the floor. Mankind has come a long way from using ordinary candles to light up an area and these days, people have a hard time picking between a light bulb to use. 


Remember that joke, “How many people does it take to change a lightbulb?”? I think it’s more appropriate to ask, “How many people does it take to choose a light bulb?”Post Top GKS28 plus.jpg


Well, for now, let’s just start with one lightbulb, and this one in particular would give Thomas Edison a run for his money.


Most people don’t pay attention to them, but LED floodlights are actually fairly common to come across in everyday life. If you’ve ever played outdoor soccer or have gone to a concert, chances are that floodlights were used to illuminate the area. 


These lights are extremely powerful with a wide range. They’re typically found in areas that are rather large and require more powerful lights during the night. Without floodlights, it’d be very inefficient to light up a soccer field or an outdoor stadium. After all, just imagine how many common, house light bulbs it would take to light up an entire soccer field. My guess, a couple hundred should do the trick!


What makes an LED floodlight different than a standard floodlight? 


Well, the answer lies in what an LED light generally provides. Getting down to the real basics of it, LED is just another form of lighting. LED works by using electrons. These electrons, when charged, move within a material that acts as a semiconductor. When the electrons move, they light up. Unlike a regular incandescent light bulb, which works by burning a filament, LED light bulbs don’t burn anything in order to light up. So exactly what makes an LED light bulb better than a regular incandescent one? 


LED light bulbs have many different benefits compared to an incandescent light bulb. One of the biggest advantages is that an LED bulb lasts significantly longer than an incandescent one. LED light bulbs have also been known to provide a much softer light, which puts less strain on the eyes. 


In the digital era, energy efficiency is a real issue that’s being worked on and luckily, LED light bulbs are significantly more energy efficient than both incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. Not only that, but LED light bulbs also generate less heat than traditional light bulbs, and while the cost may be a bit higher, their use is becoming more standardized which can potentially lead to prices similar to or lower than regular incandescent light bulbs.


Technology is becoming incredibly advanced in this time. We’re learning how to build more powerful, faster products that are also energy efficient. LED is becoming the more standard resource for all forms of lighting, and floodlights are no different. What LED floodlights bring to the table goes way beyond what any normal fluorescent and incandescent light bulb can bring, but the most important factor is likely how long they last. While the cost of an LED floodlight may be rather high, people can rejoice in the fact that they’ll probably never have to buy another one for the next couple decades. 

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