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Technical Principle Of LED Street Lamps
- Aug 27, 2015 -

LED Street lamp cooling technology, generally used for heat-conducting plate, is a 5mm thick copper plate, is actually average temperature, temperature heat off; and the installation of the heatsink to heat, but was too large. Weight in street system Shang is important, because Street high has 9 meters, if too heavy risk on increased, especially encountered Typhoon, and earthquake are may produced accident. domestic has manufacturers used global first of needle-like thermal technology, needle-like thermal device of thermal efficiency to than traditional tablets-like radiator has is significantly improve, can makes LED knot temperature than General radiator low 15 ℃ above, and waterproof performance than General aluminum profile radiator better, while in weight and volume Shang also has improved. In addition, the graphite heat sinks for high-power LED lighting development also has good heat properties.