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Lighting Standard Of LED Garden Light
- Sep 25, 2017 -

     Lighting Design requirements: Courtyard lighting style choice, and courtyard style matching can be. If there is a choice of obstacles, you can choose simple lines of square, rectangular, hundred. Color, choose black, dark gray, mostly bronze. In general, use less white.LED Garden Light

    Garden lighting should use energy-saving lamps, LED lights, metal chloride lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and other warm light. Too cold light source, or bizarre color light source, generally not suitable for private courtyard. In addition, in order to increase the lighting of the soft and comfortable, general selection of floodlight. Simple understanding, is the top of the cover, so that the light issued, the top cover, and then reflected to the outside or down, to avoid lighting directly to direct, leading to glare.LED Garden Light

    To meet the value of lighting standards in the park, detailed data see the relevant specifications. According to the road size suitable to decorate street lights or courtyard lamps, more than 6m road should be symmetrical arrangement or "the" glyph arrangement, the distance between lamps and lanterns is kept between 15~25m; The road is less than 6m and one side is arranged, and the luminaire is kept between 15~18m. Garden lights, lawn lights to control the illuminance between 15~40LX, lamps and roadside distance between 0.3~0.5m.LED Garden Light

    Design Control points: The main road of community, Park, green space, with low power street lamp. Lamp post height 3~5m, column distance 15~20m effect is better, also can be more than one lamp per column, need to improve illuminance, multiple lights Qi Ming. Indicate the waterproof and dustproof grade of the luminaire. The lamp list should include size, material, lamp body color, quantity, suitable light source. The design of the lamp base size should be reasonable, the base design of the spotlights cannot be stagnant.LED Garden Light

    Lighting layout points: General conventional lighting from the partition has: Ground lawn lamp series, walls wall lamp series, porch or outdoor eaves chandeliers series. Ground lawn light, usually installed on either side of the garden road or important interval turning point, play the role of walking lighting. Wall lamp, generally installed in the courtyard of the façade wall or porch pillars, etc., play the role of intermediate lighting. LED Garden Light

    Chandeliers, generally installed in the eaves or pavilions and other central points, the role of lighting up to the top. In addition to conventional lighting, there are water system lighting and effect lighting. Effect lighting, generally with spotlights. Water system lighting, is generally the underwater lighting and edge effect lighting mainly.LED Garden Light