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LED Wall Pack With You To Understand The Strength Of LED
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Home all know now on the market LED wall washer main shell is mainly by glass glue waterproof, glass plastic waterproof shortcomings is a long time, the colloid will be easy to aging, and there will be seepage, fog phenomenon, more serious is the glass and Aluminum shell separation off. This waterproof technology is a patented technology, please authorized to use.LED Wall Pack

There is a super-brightness of the gallium nitride LED, and then produced to produce high-intensity green and blue indium nitride gallium Led. The ultra-bright blue light core is the core of the white LED, which emits fluorescent phosphorus on the luminescent chip, and then the fluorescent light is converted to white by absorbing the blue light from the chip. Is to use this technology to create any visible color of light. Today in the LED market will be able to see the production of novel colors, such as light green and pink. Readers of scientific thought may now realize that the development of LEDs has gone through a long and tortuous historical process.LED Wall Pack

In fact, the recent development of LED can not only launch pure ultraviolet light and can launch a real "black" UV light. Then the LED development history to go low to go far, do not know. Perhaps one day can be developed to produce X-ray LED. Early LEDs can only be used with indicators, early calculator displays and digital watches. And now began to appear in the ultra-bright areas. Will continue for the next period of time.LED Wall Pack

According to the luminous color of the luminous tube is divided into red, orange, green (and subdivided yellow green, standard green and pure green), blue and so on. In addition, some light-emitting diodes contain two or three colors of the chip. According to the light-emitting diodes at or without blending, colored or colorless, the above-mentioned various colors of light-emitting diodes can be divided into colored transparent, colorless and transparent, colored scattering and colorless scattering four types. Scattering light-emitting diodes are not suitable for use as indicators.LED Wall Pack