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LED Wall Pack
- Aug 02, 2017 -

             This type of application in the bar of the color display wall of the category back to the root is the lighting show works, related to optics, electricity, control, machinery, materials, arts and other disciplines of technology; lighting display design is a combination of lighting as a means of art, lighting display design is the basis of lighting display engineering. For the lighting display project which is closely related to people's life, we follow the design idea is: On the basis of fair investment, under the condition of guaranteeing lighting (or display) function, adopt or design lighting display products suitable for building environment, strive to create a comfortable visual effect and the environment in line with the visual environment, in addition to meet the necessary illuminance requirements, the basic requirements of the distribution of brightness, but also to focus on achieving environmental style of coordination, electrical safety, the use of convenient maintenance and so on. Design reference is based on sj/t11141-2003 "LED Display General specification", sj/t11281-2003 "LED Display test method".LED Wall Pack

              and the bar lighting design is a relatively complex topic, the color display curtain wall as one of the components of the environmental background of the main body is very important. The dance floor of the Emerald Pearl Bar can be used as a venue for disco (dance) and ballroom dancing (slow dance), which requires the color of the background subject to be colorful and varied, and to be able to cope with the music songs, melodies and rhythms. Based on the full consideration of the application environment, according to the flexible design ideas, the preliminary design of the overall plan, and then the steps of the design, as detailed in this chapter.LED Wall Pack

              According to the site environment, installation conditions and customer requirements, as well as a variety of light source for comprehensive analysis, and selection of LED as a light source. The display curtain Wall's composition may have many kinds of schemes, for example kinescope, bulb, wall brick lamp and various similar deformation structural units, but its technical principle is same. In view of the decoration in the bar inside the wall, the square light-emitting unit gives the first feeling more robust, shocking, straightforward, round light-emitting unit is really a good one, here adopted the former.LED Wall Pack