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LED Street Light Face The Main Technical Problems
- Oct 19, 2017 -

LED as a street lamp mainly has the following advantages or features: high luminous efficiency, low reflection loss of lamps, saving energy 70%; with digital control brightness function, more power; no high pressure, high security; with software remote remote control brightness; Accidents, foggy, rain and other special circumstances to provide high brightness and high color of the lighting source; installation and maintenance simple; module installation, no extra wiring; will not cause light pollution or waste; long life, means that often do not need regular To reduce the potential for traffic disruption and to reduce the cost of maintenance for this purpose. It was calculated that the use of LED lights in addition to the cost of a single lamp and the initial installation cost higher than the high pressure sodium lamp, in the laying cost, power consumption and life are much better than high pressure sodium lamp. LED Street Light

LED street lights are facing the main technical problems: output power and luminous flux, secondary optical design, thermal design and power system design. Output power and luminous flux also need to improve from the high-power white LED epitaxial technology, chip technology and other basic level to further enhance. In the second optical design, LED radiation forms are Lambertian, side shot type, bat airfoil and condenser type several. LED Street Light

In the field of road lighting, according to design experience Lambertian and bat airfoil more applicable, through the secondary optical design, making the LED light range, photometric curve in line with the needs of road lighting. Heat dissipation is one of the key issues to solve LED lights, LED lights because of the high brightness requirements, heat, and outdoor use of this environment is more harsh, if the heat is not good will lead directly lead to LED rapid aging, stability, in addition to the need for power Type LED itself, heat dissipation, because the street has the characteristics of outdoor use at night, the cooling surface is located in the side of the air is conducive to natural convection heat. LED Street Light

LED street light power system is also different from the traditional light source, LED low power consumption, low operating voltage and solar cell components of the low output power, low output voltage between the fit is very appropriate, how to tightly packed together a group of LED security, Reliable work is also an indicator of LED lights. LED Street Light