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LED Street Light Design And Road Conditions Combination
- Sep 14, 2017 -

     Intelligent street lamps fully take into account the actual situation of urban road lighting, the use of Single-chip computer control technology for the dynamic intelligent management of street light, the realization of human nature. Because the LED street lamp has the characteristic that the instantaneous response of other streetlights does not have very fast, the circuit is very easy to achieve the use of khz pulse width modulation (PWM) mode to the LED street light extinction to the duty ratio adjustment, (for example, 1ms light 0.5ms brightness 0.5ms Extinction at this time when its luminance is full bright 50% The overall brightness of the luminaire is adjusted. There is no stroboscopic phenomenon when working at such a high frequency. LED Street Light

     Through the lighting set, can be busy during the period of time to maintain a strong illumination, in the small hours of the car began to automatically adjust light, so that the lights to maintain a lower illumination. Can also be based on the inside of the process in different urban prosperity, lighting reality, traffic flow conditions of the mandatory set illuminance level, set the intensity of the length of time than control, after the street lamp can be followed by the new set of periodic procedures. That is to achieve the local road lighting personalized. LED Street Light

     The LED street lamp is different from the conventional high pressure sodium lamp. High-power LED street light source using Low-voltage DC power supply, by Gan-based power-type blue LED and yellow phosphor synthesis of high-performance white light-emitting diodes, with high efficiency, safety, energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, rapid response, color index high unique advantages, Can be widely used in urban road lighting. The housings can be made of PC tube, high temperature up to 135 degrees. Low temperature up to 45 degrees. LED Street Light

    Light-emitting Diodes (Lightemittingdiode, abbreviated as LEDs) are highly efficient solid-state sources of light that can be illuminated with weak electrical energy based on the semiconductor PN Junction, and under certain positive bias voltages and injected currents, The holes injected into the P region and the electrons injected into the N region emit photons after they are diffused to the active region by radiation, which converts the energy directly into light energy. LED Street Light

    The light color of LED street lamps is much higher than that of high pressure sodium lamps, high-pressure sodium lamp color index is only about 23, and led street color index to more than 75, from the visual psychological point of view, to achieve the same brightness, led street lighting average can be lower than the high pressure sodium lamp to reduce 20[%] above, (reference to the British principle of illumination standards) The light of the LED street lamp is small, a year of light failure 3[%], the use of 10 years still reach the road use illuminance requirements, and high pressure sodium lamp, a year or so has dropped 30[%] above, so, LED street lamp in the use of power design can be lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp; LED Street Light

    LED Street lamp has the automatic control energy-saving device, can realize in the different time period illumination request condition under the maximum possible reduction power, saves the electricity. LED is a low-voltage device, driving a single led voltage for the safety voltage, the series of single LED power is 1 watts, so it is a more secure than the use of high-voltage power supply, especially for public places (such as: street lighting, mine lighting, car lighting, civil lighting, etc.) LED Street Light