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LED Garden Light To Take You To Understand The Purchase Notes
- Aug 14, 2017 -

     Home decoration to choose a good lamp is inevitable, the shape of the lamp needs to be decorated with the style and use of the function of coordination. How to choose suitable lamps, especially LED lamps, not only to meet the needs of lighting environment, but also to achieve health lighting requirements. LED light is not brighter the better the ordinary consumer easy to go into a misunderstanding, when a of white light LED lights and a warm LED lights put together, think of the white light than the warm tone of the lamp light, mistakenly think that White is better.LED Garden Light
     In fact, in our long-term residence, stay in the place, should choose 4000K and the following color temperature LED lights, this can effectively reduce or avoid the impact of blue light on human health, for the protection of Vision also has a very important significance. Can be very intuitive display 4000K and below color temperature.LED Garden Light
     Harmonic more professional, ordinary consumers are not easy to understand, choose the lamp can not judge the amount of harmonics and less. Our ac is 50Hz sine wave, but because of the use of a large number of electronic products and other non-linear load, resulting in our power supply or circuit is not a pure sine wave, which is mixed with other frequencies of the waveform, the higher the harmonic content, the greater the impact. Harmonics have many kinds of harm, for the user, the energy consumption increases, the radio equipment will produce interference and so on. How can we judge harmonics easily? You can take a semiconductor radio, near the LED lights, if the radio noise is greater, indicating that the higher the harmonic content of LED lights, the more severe the radio interference.LED Garden Light
    Stroboscopic effect is also a professional noun, that is, in the light of a certain frequency change, the observed object movement presents a static or different phenomenon from its actual state of motion. The consumer is not understanding. Stroboscopic effect is also due to 50Hz alternating current, then we turn 50Hz alternating current into a higher frequency or become DC this problem is solved! Indeed, we can take the cell phone or camera shooting video mode to distinguish, if the display on the screen display the LED lights more jitter, indicating that stroboscopic more serious, people's eyesight will be harmful.LED Garden Light