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LED Garden Light Size And Design Of The Rationality
- Oct 11, 2017 -

LED garden lights are usually 6 meters below the outdoor road lighting, with the lamp type with lights, wall lamps, lawn lamps, spotlights, water lights and other forms, mainly used in urban slow lane, narrow lane, residential area, tourist attractions , Parks, squares and other public places of outdoor lighting. So how does the night garden landscape show her charm? The answer is light. Therefore, we must understand the lighting design of the points.LED Garden Light

Garden lighting should adopt energy-saving lamps, LED lights, metal chloride lamps, high pressure sodium lamps and other warm light source. Too cold light source, or bizarre color light source, generally not suitable for private courtyard. In addition, in order to increase the softness and comfort of light, the general choice of floodlights. Simple to understand, that is, the top of the cover, so that light is issued, the top cover, and then reflect out or down, to avoid direct light up straight, resulting in dazzling. Meet the standard value of the park lighting, the specific data see the relevant specifications.LED Garden Light According to the appropriate size of the road layout of street lamps or garden lights, more than 6m of the road should be bilateral symmetrical layout or "zigzag" layout, lighting distance between 15 ~ 25m; less than 6m of the road is unilateral layout, lamps remain at 15 ~ 18m between. Design control points: community, park, green road, with low power street lights. Lamppost height of 3 ~ 5m, the column from 15 ~ 20m better effect, but also more than the lights per column, need to improve the illumination, the more light Qi Ming. Specify the lamp waterproof and dustproof grade. The lamp list should include size, material, lamp body color, quantity, adapter light source and schematic image. Lampholder base size design should be reasonable, the base of the spotlight design can not water.LED Garden Light