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LED Garden Light And Other Important Significance
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Will be led outdoor functional lighting is divided into three categories, namely street lamps, tunnel lights and other functional lighting. Other functional lighting products include garden lights, high pole lights and high power cast light and so on. From the current mainland China's outdoor functional lighting holdings, street lamps, garden lights holding the largest, followed by high pole lights and high power cast light, and finally the tunnel lights. As the street lights and garden lights are mostly part of the public lighting field, so the development was relatively early and faster.LED Garden Light

Local governments want to install led lights, led garden lights to achieve energy saving, while achieving good social benefits. In addition, led outdoor functional lighting products prices continued to decline, but because the price of raw materials is also a simultaneous decline, so led outdoor functional lighting margins and there is no significant reduction in the situation.LED Garden Light Road lighting culture customization, the meaning of the city is also very important. First of all, it is the difference of regional culture to express the value and image of the city, from the cultural level to shape and enhance the image of the city; Secondly, it can effectively improve the public psychological feelings need to meet the degree. In the excavation and use of these cultures, the public can be obtained from the municipal facilities and enhance cultural pride, the formation and improve the sense of belonging to the city. Third, it also symbolizes the degree of development of urban civilization. LED Garden Light

Coordination (that is, both to take into account the function of the lighting itself and beauty, but also should use the concept of the system to grasp the shape of the lamp, color and body and other factors and the overall coordination of the environment, that is, custom lighting and environmental properties, And its street tree state, the surrounding building volume and lighting status and other factors integration).LED Garden Light