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Introduction Of LED Street Light
- Oct 11, 2017 -

The emergence of high-brightness LEDs is epoch-making, and it will be one of the greatest inventions of mankind following the invention of incandescent bulbs. The earliest developed LED can only send red light, used in electronic equipment in the light. Today, LED has been able to emit red, yellow, blue, green, orange, amber, blue and green, red and green, yellow-green, pure green, emerald green and white. In China's major cities, has been everywhere LED dazzling glory, LED is changing our lives and work environment. LED Street Light

Semiconductor technology in the microelectronics revolution triggered after the birth of a new industrial revolution - lighting revolution. LED has become a shining sign of the information age, will gradually replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps and other traditional lighting technology. High on the Coca-Cola advertising screen clear, colorful, lifelike, in the computer under the control of the image changes infinite. In fact, as early as the early 90s of last century, the German airport in Munich and France and Spain on the highway appeared on the use of LED lighting billboards or road lights, maintenance do not have to open the light box, as long as the ground to open the light pipe Of the light source box, you can replace the light source. LED Street Light

In addition to long life, low energy consumption, the LED has a greater strength of three points: First, the application is very flexible, can be made point, line, surface of various forms of thin and small products; Second, better environmental benefits, No ultraviolet and infrared, neither heat nor radiation, is a typical green lighting, and waste can be recycled, no pollution; Third, the control is extremely convenient, as long as the adjustment of current, you can freely dimmer, different combinations of light color Variety, the use of timing control circuit, more able to achieve a variety of dynamic changes in the effect. LED Street Light