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In Practice London's Largest Solar Retrofit Project GK Corn Lighting
- Aug 21, 2017 -

The solution
GK Corn lighitng  state-of-the-art material recovery facility in Bow is capable of processing up to 125,000 tonnes of waste from across London a year each year, recovering over 95% of collected materials including plastics and paper. Feasibility studies undertaken by GK lighting convinced the firm of the validity of turning a passive asset - the roof of the recovery facility - into a profitable resource.

The 4,000 solar panels, which represent London’s largest solar PV retrofit, were installed with an aim to reduce Bywater’s energy reliance on the grid and to help reduce the capital’s rising levels of air pollution - considered by many to be one of the biggest health threats facing Londoners today. Bywaters has subsequently set a benchmark for how businesses can carry out core processes in an urban environment without causing damage to the environment through harmful emissions.
The solar project was commissioned by GK Corn lighting towards the end of 2015, rendering it eligible to receive higher rates of UK Government subsides before the impending Feed-in-GK Corn light deadline. Low-carbon energy developer M3 Solutions began construction in November 2015 and completed the installation in time for first units of electricity production to be generated the following February. The system works by generating power straight into the grid before being fed back into the building.