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How To Choose LED Garden Light
- Jul 11, 2017 -

           1, the detection of light source: Most of the lights are white light, we have to see, in the selection of the time some lights look brighter, and some darker, some whitish, some purple or blue, this is due to light source of different optical effects, and the different color temperature caused. Some small manufacturers produced light source is very low, but in order to let customers look brighter, the color temperature is high, so it looks brighter, in fact, is not really bright, but the illusion of human eyes just, long-term in this environment vision will become worse. If the identification, is not the other light source, only a light, and then stand under the lamp reading, if it looks clear, bright, it means that the light source is better, light efficiency, if not clear, is poor, a more simple method, is to extend the palm of the hand to the light side, look at the palm of the color, if ruddy, it is just to show color color, if the heart blue or purple, indicating that the color temperature is too high.LED Garden Light

           2, look at the electrical appliances: all fluorescent light source is to have a ballast to light, ballast can bring a momentary start voltage and the stability of the operation. The ballast is good or bad, directly determines the life and light efficiency of this lamp, usually more regular manufacturers produce ballast of better quality.LED Garden Light

           3, safety first, pay attention to the details: consumers in the purchase of lighting products necessary to the light source (light bulbs, tubes), switches, sockets every detail to pay attention to, the most secure way is in large shopping malls to buy assured brand products, but also carefully inspection. Lighting to glass products, belonging to fragile products, after long-distance transport, it is likely to be scratched or damaged, even if the slightest damage will affect the appearance and use effect, so buy must look carefully. Qualified switch products must be certified by the state and meet industry standards. Domestic products to pass 3C certification, ISO9000 Quality System certification, some international brands have been other countries and international security certification, these will be labeled in the product itself, packaging or manuals, these are also to help you measure the quality of a luminaire standard.LED Garden Light

           LED Courtyard lamp Material purchase Skill: 1, firm sex, aluminum boiling point is low, flexible, high temperature easily deformed, relative to steel, a little less solid, generally do not recommend the use of large areas of wind, and steel material wall thickness can be increased, stable high, strong support, wind resistance up to 36km/s, seismic 8.8 above. 2, due to the complex production process of cast aluminum, high cost of materials, the design of strange shape and other major factors, therefore, the price of the cast aluminum courtyard lamp is 3 times times to 6 times times higher than the steel material's courtyard lamp is very normal, from the modelling, the cast aluminum courtyard lamp is not necessarily the most beautiful most strange, the steel material production landscape courtyard lamp also is very beautiful. 3, work, cast aluminum and cast iron more complex than steel materials, here to aluminum to start the analysis, first of all to the aluminum burning liquid, and then through the special abrasives will be the liquid, the middle will again aluminum rod carving various patterns, after the drying of its galvanized spray, the duration and complexity of more than steel materials, and steel is only used steel plate shearing machine cutting into the desired cone plate, and then through the rolling machine a Times to roll into a lamp rod, and then through welding, grinding and other processes to its beautiful, After completion of galvanized spray.LED Garden Light