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Replacement HID MHL HPS Dark Sky Friendly Led Corn Bulb GKS28 Plus
- Sep 06, 2018 -
Dark sky friendly led corn bulb GKS28 plus are designed to replacement Metal-Halide and High Pressure Sodium, to provide a better way for customer a high cost effective alternative when make the energy savings plan.


What’s the most advantage of Dark sky friendly led corn bulb GKS28 plus ?


1.Light is directed towards and ground with curved glare shields, minimizing light trespass and sky glow, while improving visibility and color rendering.


2.   a wide variety of wattage, from 19w, 24w, 27w, 36w, 45w,54w. (19w-27w is more popular in European Market, 45w-54w is most popular in North American Market),Used for replacement 75w-250w HID MHl HPS. Coastal/Wildlife friendly, and City Spec in additional to 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K. Certified UL, DLC, RoHS, and IP64 wet location rated,



SO Converting your HID MHL HPS lamp over to energy efficient and less lighting pollution dark sky friendly LED corn bulb with retrofits will save you money. It is the perfect choice for application in any requiring a high degree of control over outdoor lighting spillover.