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Characteristics Of LED Street Light Power Supply
- Oct 30, 2017 -

LED Street Lamp power supply Why must constant flow? The characteristics of LED lighting materials determine its impact on the environment, such as temperature change, led current will increase, voltage increase, led current will also increase. Longer than rated current work, will greatly shorten the LED lamp bead service life. LED Street Light 

And the LED constant flow is in the temperature and voltage and other environmental factors change, to ensure that the working current value is unchanged. LED Street lamp power supply constant current precision on the market some power supply constant current accuracy is poor, like the popular recommendation scheme in the market, such as constant current scheme, error reached ±8%, constant current error is too large. General requirements in the ±3% can be. Press the 3% design plan. Production power to fine-tune to achieve ±3% error. LED Street Light

LED Street lamp power supply work voltage general LED recommended operating voltage is 3. $number. 5V, tested, most of the work at 3.2V, so press 3.2V calculation is more reasonable. The total voltage of n-Lamp beads in series $literal. $number N. LED Street Lamp Power Plate series-parallel and wide voltage to how wide? To make the LED street lamp power work in a wide range of input voltage range ac85-265v, then the LED series-parallel method is very important. Try not to use wide voltage, can be divided into $literal, ac110v as far as possible classification, so as to ensure power reliability. Because the current power supply is generally not isolated step-down type constant current power supply, in the requirements of 110V voltage, the output voltage should not exceed 70V, serial number of not more than 23 strings. Input voltage 220V output voltage can reach 156V. LED Street Light

LED Street lamp power supply to how can do with the lamp bead plate match? Some customers design the lamp board first, and then find the power supply, find it difficult to have a suitable power supply, either the current is too large, the voltage is too small (such as 7x1wi>350ma, or v<20v); or the input voltage range is not enough. LED Street Light

To get a larger power factor, the series of lamp bead can not be too little, otherwise it will not reach the best working state, in the isolated power supply on the number of series and the number of secondary winding turns, must be done to meet the power output power. Electronic components in the rated voltage operating range of working current the smaller the heat, the longer the end of life, the less life will be shorter. LED Street lamp power bead is sensitive to the exchange weight, the higher the amount of the communication is the worse the light comfort degree. LED Street Light