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LED street light standards
- Aug 27, 2015 -

1. the conversion of 17%, (solar capacity of 1000W per square, practical efficiency to 170W)

2. Market Street lamp lens material for improvement of optical material, permeability ≥ 93%, temperature -38-+90 degrees, anti-UV ultraviolet ' blanching is 30,000 hours no change and so on.

3.LED Street, mainly used for LED lamp lenses, spot rectangular material PMMA optical transmittance ≥ 93%, temperature-resistant -38-+90, anti-UV ultraviolet ' blanching is 30,000 hours no change,

4. pavement evenness of illumination (uniformityof road surfaceilluminance) average of 0.48 on the spot ratio 1:2.

5. road illumination. (The actual light intensity beam reaches 25LUX,1/4 Center 1/2 Center 4LUX reach 15LUX,16 meters far from the minimum light intensity, overlapping intensity 6LUX.

6. in the new urban lighting, it has a lot of applications. Dimming of depth and color and other characteristics will not change because of the dimmer.

7. humidity: less than 95.