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LED street light development in the following areas require attention:
- Aug 27, 2015 -

A. improvement of the luminous flux from a high-powered LED epitaxy, chip technology and other infrastructure levels rise further. At home and abroad making white light LED approach is to place the LED chip package substrates with gold wire bonding and YAG phosphor coating around the chip, then sealed with epoxy resin. Resin protects the chips and play the role of condenser.

B.LED lighting design, improving the quality of LED. Study secondary optical photometric design of high-power LED light source to meet the large-area lighting and flood lighting photometric requirements particularly urgent. By secondary optical design technology, design plus reflection Cup with multiple optical lenses and aspherical optical surfaces, you can improve the extraction efficiency of devices.

C. heat is LED lights need to focus on solving problems. It is well known that LED is a photoelectric device, its only 15%~25% of electric energy into light while working, the rest of the energy is converted into heat, temperature of the LED. High power LED, heat is a big problem.