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High Bay LED Lighting Corn Temporary Aluminun 150lumens/w 80W E40 Base 3000K

Wattage: 60W 80W 100W LED working temporary corn light Color Temperature: 1900K - 6500K LED Working Lamp description: Easy installation, Portable, Flexible Beam angle:360° Exlosion proof, suitable for construcion area, outdoor activity lighting. IP64 115 lm/w Lighter weight without ballast

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High bay led lighting Corn Temporary Aluminun 150lumens/w 80w E40 Base 3000K Replacement HID/HPS 250Wattage Use in Ware house




 S36 specification.png






S36 Features 0.png

 S36 Features.png

 S36 Features 1.png

S36 application.png






replacement of HPS,HID,etc.

S36 Installation.png

S36 packing.png Packaging delivery.png












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