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DLC ULlisted 180 Degree LED Canopy Lamp 40W

1.SMD LG 5630 2.No fan heat dissipation solution; 3.UL/DLC/CE/ROSH/FCC/SAA certification; 4.Flame retardant material; 5.IP64 waterproof design; 6.E26/E27/E39(Mogul) and E40 base are available; 8.Replace 100-250W HPS/HID/MHL; 9.Suitable for use in Wall pack/Canopy.

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1. SMD LG 5630

2. No fan heat dissipation solution;

3. UL/DLC/CE/ROSH/FCC/SAA certification;

4. Flame retardant material;

5. IP64 waterproof design;

6. E26/E27/E39(Mogul) and E40 base are available;

8. Replace 250W HPS/HID/MHL; 

9. Suitable for use in Wall pack/Canopy/shoe box.

led canopy

HID replacementimage.pngGKS13-40W-05led corn lamp

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